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Virtual Summer Camp Registration

All applicants must fill out the registration in its entirety below.  Once your registration form has been processed we will email you letting you know that we received your form and payment was approved.  All participants will be emailed virtual instructions for camps and supplies needed prior to camp.  Each camp is $75 a week per camper.

No matter where you live, you can now go to summer camp with your friend or family from anywhere.  Virtual camps will be conducted on Zoom.  All camps are offered every week of June.  When you register you simply select your camp and which week you would like to attend.

Supply lists for each camp will be emailed the Friday before camp begins.

lego masters.jpg

Lego Masters

Grades 1st-5th

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Monday - Friday

Discover the amazing world of Lego where imagination and creativity collide!! Master Builders will tap into their genius through guided free-build missions all while connecting with fellow Masters during this live Zoom camp. Each day will bring a new challenge that will strengthen computational thinking, design, creativity, and more. All your camper will need to provide is their own assortment of Legos. Just look around the house and gather up random Legos from your collections. This is the place where all Masters of the Lego craft meet up… don’t delay sign up today! 



"MAD" About Science and STEM


Grades 2nd-5th

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


You would be “MAD” to miss this camp! Log into our one of a kind virtual hands-on learning lab. Living rooms and kitchens will be transformed into our very own science labs as our certified teachers lead your child in daily experiments exploring all things STEM. Each day will bring new “Hair Raising” themes and “Shocking” challenges.  “Mad” Scientists don't wait til it's too late...grab a friend and goggles…it’s going to be “Mad” FUN!!!


Jr. Art Factory

4 Year Olds - 1st Grade

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


Do you have a budding artist at home? Do you have a child who loves to draw and create? If you said yes, this is the perfect class for your little Picasso. Grab your camp supply kit and join us for the most creative virtual art class in town. Junior Art Factory allows students to tap into their imagination each day during their live Zoom class and explore a variety of different art mediums and techniques, as well as literature connections to art. Our art classes will help your child remain connected with other students and at the same time develop important skills for continued school success such as fine motor skills, cognitive skills, language, and following directions. Let us tap into your child’s creativity and let’s get artsy!!!



Jr. "MAD" Scientists

4 year olds - 1st Grade

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Don’t go “MAD” sitting at home… grab your lab coat and goggles to join us in our virtual summer learning lab.  Our Junior Mad Scientist virtual camp incorporates a fun, hands-on approach to exploring STEM.  Young scientists will have a blast experimenting with items around the house that make learning exciting. Each day of camp will bring fun collaboration and new experiments/projects during our live class. Think, create, and innovate.. that’s the power of a Junior MAD Scientist!

Little Dribblers

3 Year Olds - Kindergarten

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Monday - Friday

2 SPORTS….1 AWESOME WEEK!!! Little Dribblers will have a blast experiencing the fun of both basketball and soccer in a fun and nurturing environment.  Our program works with the basics of soccer and basketball, including, but not limited to, hand-eye coordination, ball handling, footwork, dribbling, shooting, passing, and scoring a goal.  We also include songs, drills, and games to incorporate numeracy and language skills each day. Most important, we keep it fun and exciting for the kids while promoting self-esteem, sports etiquette, and benefits of exercise.

Image 5-7-20 at 11.53 AM.jpg

Art Factory

2nd - 5th Grades

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Grab your paint brush and get ready for your inner artist to bloom this summer! Young artists will explore many different mediums in this hands-on art camp. Art Factory classes put emphasis on developing creativity and imagination with a special focus on skill. Campers will explore pointillism, canvas painting, and many other unconventional art projects. Sign up today and let your inner Picasso shine through!

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