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We are the number one STEM-based, hands-on technology education provider in West TN and North MS.

What is STEM Lab?

A STEM Lab provides an environment where students 2 years old-12th grade can conduct experiments and programming simulations in a controlled environment that allows to explore, experiment, research and problem solve in ways that pattern world engineers, web-programmers, mathematics, and scientists.

Instead of teaching the four STEM subjects in isolation, our hands-on activities present learning experiences that support creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration, problem solving, life skills, and technological literacy.  Our goal is that students make connections between academic concepts and real life situations.  Our instructional practices value different learning styles, provide meaningful experiences for all learners, and advance a desire for life-long learning.

What are some of the curriculum choices for STEM Lab?

  • Robotic Legos

  • Programmable floor and tabletop robotics

  • Green Screen Movie Making

  • Physics

  • Minecraft

  • Dinosaur Digs

  • Circuits and Electricity

  • Digital Microscopes

  • Simple Machines

  • Forensic Science

  • Rocket Science

  • Small Engines

  • Bridge Designs

  • Web Design

  • HTML

  • Coding

  • 3D Video Game Creation

  • Earth, Life, and Physical Science

  • Chemistry

  • Alternative Energy Exploration

  • Space

  • And so much more...curriculum is customized for each school

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